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Pennsville Soccer Association - 1st Annual Keeper Wars

PSA will host our 1st Annual Keeper Wars on October 23rd, 26th, and 27th. This is a free tournament and open to currently registered PSA Fall 2019 players born in 2012 (U8) and older.

The tournament consists of a Kick, Throw, and Punt competition, where each keeper will receive two attempts at each age appropriate skill. U11 and older only will participate in the Punt portion of the competition.

The longest fair distance in each skill will be summed to determine the overall winner. The players will be separated by age and gender. The skill must be initiated in and completed by the edge of the 18 yard box and the ball must remain within the field of play at the end of it's roll to be counted as a fair throw/kick. The kick, throw, and punt competition will be conducted on 23 October (all ages and genders).

The second part of the tournament will be the 1 v 1 Keeper matches. In the 1 v 1 Keeper Matches, the Keepers will alternate between kicking and throwing (roll or overhand) in an attempt to score on their opponent from the ½ way line of the Keeper Wars fields (~28 x 50 feet for U10 and 28 x 70 feet for U11 and up). Each keeper will defend an age appropriate full size goal. Matches will consist of two 2-minute halves and most goals scored will determine the winner. Round robin and group play will determine the championship matches for each age/gender group. The boys competition will be held on October 26th and the girls competition will be held on the 27th.

Click Here for Full Event Rules.

Register your player(s) no later than 20 October 2019.

Please send question to John Fellinger at

We hope to see your children on the pitch.

Learn, play hard, and have fun.

Created by: GH Gina Hewitt

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